The Country Kitchen by Della T. Lutes

an Adaptation for the Screen
by David Cortesi

This is a complete, 100pp screen adaptation of the popular childhood memoire by Della Lutes, first published in 1936. In it she paints a vivid and affectionate portrait of country life in rural Michigan in the 1890s. Largely through the medium of food and cooking she paints sharp portraits of her mother, of her eccentric, opinionated father, and the sometimes-prickly relationship between them.

The Country Kitchen is still in copyright. The present copyright holder is Carol Lutes Herzig (contact info on request) and this adaptation was made with her permission.

Here is the screenplay as a PDF (right-click and save linked file).

Click the "Screenplay" link on the left to read the full screenplay, or click "Master Catalog" for peek into the research behind the script, including many of the recipes!

TCK Wins an Award!

Our screenplay for The Country Kitchen was given a 2010 Silver Award (corresponding roughly to 8th place, but hey! Somebody read it and like it!) by the Oregon Film Festival.